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about 7 years ago

Getting Ready for HackDisrupt SF 2016!

Hey Hackers

We hope you are as excited as us for the hackathon coming up this weekend! A few quick things to bring to your attention... 

1. The API sponsor prizes and details are live:

If you are thinking about using one of the sponsor APIs you can check them out in the advance on that link. Remember to select the API prizes you are competing for when you make your Devpost submission this weekend. 

2. Hacking on TechCrunch!

This hackathon has a special challenge for hacking on 156,000 TechCrunch articles using Automatic's Wordpress API. You can find all the details at the link above and win $5000

3. Use the discussion forums and Participants tabs to find team mates. 

Still looking for the last person to round out your winning team? Head to the participants section to see who is coming and looking for people to work with. If you have questions for any of the API sponsors head to the discussion forums!

Also the judges have just been announced! I know they are going to love what your hack on. 

See you Saturday!


(on behalf of the Disrupt hackathon team)